Core Contributors

Mike Hostetler

Location: Denver, Colorado
Company :
Age: 26
IRC / Qcubed nickname : MikeHostetler
Mail : mike <at> amountaintop <dot> <com>

Marcos Sánchez aka marcosdsanchez

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Company :
Age: 25
IRC / Qcubed nickname : marcosdsanchez
Mail : marcosdsanchez <at> thinkclear <dot> <com> <dot> < ar >
IM (MSN) : same as my email

Ryan Peters aka VexedPanda

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Company :
Age: 30
IRC / Qcubed nickname : VexedPanda

Alex Weinstein aka alex94040

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Age: 25
IRC / Qcubed nickname : alex94040
Mail: alex94040 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Kristof Meirlaen aka kmeirlaen

Location: Belgium
Age: 35
IRC / Qcubed nickname: kmeirlaen
Mail: kristof[at] kri-soft[dot] be

Jon Kirkpatrick aka basilieus

Location: Portland, OR, USA
Age: 25
IRC / Qcubed nickname : basilieus
Mail: basilieus [at] gmail [dot] com

holmrodd: Rodney,

Rob Kotenko

Location: Washington DC, USA
Age: 29
IRC / Qcubed nickname: RKotenko, sometimes rkotenko if I feel a little low.
Mail: robkotenko[at] gmail[dot] com

Eduardo Garcia aka enzo

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Company :
Age: 32
IRC / Qcubed nickname : enzo
Mail : enzo <at> anexusit <dot> <com>

Vaibhav Kaushal aka Vaibhav

Location: Bangalore, India
Company :
Age: 24
IRC / Qcubed nickname : ___
Mail : vaibhavkaushal123 <at> gmail <dot> <com>

Scott Carroll aka Scottux

Location: Charlotte, NC USA
Company :  piranhaMethod
Age: 28
IRC / Qcubed nickname : scottux


Marcos Sánchez - Trac administration
Mike Hostetler - SVN administration
Mike Hostetler - server administration (Backups, Security Updates, Access)
Mike Hostetler - Quality Assurance
Rob Kotenko - API Documentation
enzo - Drupal Theme/Administration?

Branch ownership:
alex94040 - 1.0.0 branch
Mike Hostetler - 1.1.0 branch

It is very important that QCubed be a community driven project. The load for running the project needs to be shared among many.

It would be nice to have two main contacts for each area that are responsible for guiding and delegating in that area. Using two for each area increases the likelihood that someone will be available to help quickly and also helps to spread the load.

Community Members