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08:04 Ticket #60 (Detection of current major browsers) closed by kmeirlaen
fixed: now Qcubed detects ok major browsers, this doesn’t mean that the whole …
08:03 Ticket #60 (Detection of current major browsers) created by kmeirlaen
With the release of Google Chrome reaching the 1% of the market in just 24 …
08:02 Ticket #59 (Small typo in QTexboxBase class) closed by kmeirlaen
08:02 Ticket #59 (Small typo in QTexboxBase class) created by kmeirlaen
I found a small typo in QTextboxBase.class.php It should say allow instead …
08:01 Ticket #58 (Another glitch with PHP < 5.2.x) closed by kmeirlaen
08:01 Ticket #58 (Another glitch with PHP < 5.2.x) created by kmeirlaen
Apparently, older PHP versions have problems with typed parameters which …
08:01 Ticket #57 (Add WaitIcon support to the QTreeNav control) closed by kmeirlaen
08:00 Ticket #57 (Add WaitIcon support to the QTreeNav control) created by kmeirlaen
Taken from  http://www.qcodo.com/forums/topic.php/3136/1 If you need the …
08:00 Ticket #56 (MSSQL bug) closed by kmeirlaen
08:00 Ticket #56 (MSSQL bug) created by kmeirlaen
As seen in  http://www.qcodo.com/forums/topic.php/3280 @@IDENTITY isn’t …
07:59 Ticket #55 (Invalid _qc_packed.js) closed by kmeirlaen
07:59 Ticket #55 (Invalid _qc_packed.js) created by kmeirlaen
_qc_packed.js is not valid I was having problems with _qc_packed.js and …
07:58 Ticket #54 (PathInfo injection security vulnerability) closed by kmeirlaen
07:58 Ticket #54 (PathInfo injection security vulnerability) created by kmeirlaen
PathInfo? is pre-decoded by apache (following the HTTP spec), meaning that …
07:58 Ticket #53 (QImageRollover htmlentities bug) closed by kmeirlaen
07:58 Ticket #53 (QImageRollover htmlentities bug) created by kmeirlaen
On lines 59,66 and 68, QImageRollover.class.php makes direct calls to …
07:57 Ticket #52 (QCodeGenBase.class.php patch (New reserved words in PHP 5.3)) closed by kmeirlaen
07:57 Ticket #52 (QCodeGenBase.class.php patch (New reserved words in PHP 5.3)) created by kmeirlaen
This is a patch for QCodeGenBase.class.php according to the new reserved …
07:56 Ticket #51 (Typo in control_create_manytomany_reference.tpl) closed by kmeirlaen
07:56 Ticket #51 (Typo in control_create_manytomany_reference.tpl) created by kmeirlaen
As seen at  http://www.qcodo.com/forums/topic.php/3338
07:56 Ticket #50 (wrong use of javascript Array's as associative arrays in qcodo) closed by kmeirlaen
07:55 Ticket #50 (wrong use of javascript Array's as associative arrays in qcodo) created by kmeirlaen
see the description of these bugs on the qcodo forum. …
07:54 Ticket #49 (QDateTimePicker meta label generation is possibly not correct) closed by kmeirlaen
07:54 Ticket #49 (QDateTimePicker meta label generation is possibly not correct) created by kmeirlaen
QDateTimePicker meta label (e.g. lblBirthday) displays incorrect …
07:54 Ticket #48 (QCalendarPopup returns incorect dates) closed by kmeirlaen
07:53 Ticket #48 (QCalendarPopup returns incorect dates) created by kmeirlaen
As described at:  http://www.qcodo.com/forums/topic.php/2810/1/ The only …
07:53 Ticket #47 (Support empty translations) closed by kmeirlaen
07:53 Ticket #47 (Support empty translations) created by kmeirlaen
 http://www.qcodo.com/forums/topic.php/2624 Currently, the QI18n class …
07:52 Ticket #46 (Multiple improvements and fixes) closed by kmeirlaen
07:51 Ticket #46 (Multiple improvements and fixes) created by kmeirlaen
This ticket fixes the following bugs / concerns: PathInfo? injection …
07:40 WikiStart edited by marcosdsanchez
07:34 WikiStart edited by marcosdsanchez
07:33 Ticket #45 (BigInt support) created by kmeirlaen
07:32 Ticket #44 (Client Side validation) created by VexedPanda
It’s a shame that for simple validation like required fields, integer …
07:32 Ticket #43 (Virtual Attribute Sorting.) created by kmeirlaen
I’d really like to see virtual attribute sorting support for QDataGrids. …
07:30 Ticket #42 (Include the new QReport into QCubed) created by kmeirlaen
QReport is a collection of QControls that I wrote for Qcodo to give it …
07:29 Ticket #41 (Beef up QQ support) created by kmeirlaen
I think that before 1.0, we need to be sure QQ can handle 99% of all the …
07:29 Ticket #40 (Zcodo official documentation should reference Zcodo downloads not Qcodo's) created by kmeirlaen
At linux installation : Download link in the manual : …
07:29 Ticket #39 (Support Plural table names) created by VexedPanda
Despite Mike Ho’s philosophical argument against using plurals in DB table …
07:28 Ticket #38 (Full ANSI SQL support) created by kmeirlaen
We need QQ and the codegen to be able to handle pretty much any kind of DB …
07:27 Ticket #37 (Make QControls work without javascript) created by kmeirlaen
Applications should be usable even if the browser doesn’t have javascript …
07:27 Ticket #36 (Use spl_autoload_register instead of autoload) created by kmeirlaen
autoload can step on toes if any other code tries to register an …
07:26 Ticket #35 (PHP.net inspired API site) created by kmeirlaen
I think we need to have a user-generated documentation site created, …
07:25 Ticket #34 (Integrate QFilteredDataGrid) created by kmeirlaen
The non-BC QFilteredDataGrid (pending) should be appropriate for inclusion …
07:22 Ticket #33 (Bring back formbase) created by kmeirlaen
Formbase classes are very useful to allow basic updating of forms via …
07:21 Ticket #32 (Better support for table name prefixes) created by kmeirlaen
We should update the default templates to allow for run-time support of …
07:21 Ticket #31 (QCache lacks of documentation) created by kmeirlaen
See this forum topic:  http://qcodo.com/forums/topic.php/3086/1
07:20 Ticket #30 (Integrate Dynamic QTreeNav) created by kmeirlaen
Idea: spread out the children loading for QTreeNav, rather than forcing it …
07:19 Ticket #29 (EXPERIMENTAL Oracle database adapter) created by kmeirlaen
Hello People This is the new QOracle Adapter developed by Ricardo …
07:18 Ticket #28 (Verify / Fix if($var) statements) created by kmeirlaen
There are a lot of cases where QCodo uses if($var) It appears that in a …
07:17 Ticket #27 (Can't send e-mails to addresses with ' or %) created by kmeirlaen
I’m sure there are a lot of other valid e-mail addresses that just won’t …
07:16 Ticket #26 (Enable MySQL Stored Procedures) created by kmeirlaen
See: …
07:15 Ticket #25 (Large floats don't validate) created by kmeirlaen
QType is too strict when it comes to casting floats. Some numbers that are …
07:15 Ticket #24 (Update _qc_packed.js) created by kmeirlaen
changed some of the core JS files, we need to update _qc_packed.js
07:14 Ticket #23 (Add WaitIcon suppport to QPaginators) created by kmeirlaen
See …
07:13 Ticket #22 (To String Conversion error in QDataGrid) created by kmeirlaen
See  http://www.qcodo.com/forums/topic.php/2383 for the original bug …
07:12 Ticket #21 (QTerminateAction incomplete for Opera) created by VexedPanda
It appears that QTerminateAction isn’t enough to terminate the action in …
07:11 Ticket #20 (.po file errors) created by kmeirlaen
Taken from:  http://www.qcodo.com/forums/topic.php/3419 QCodo’s i18n …
07:10 Ticket #19 (Fix Conditional Expands) created by VexedPanda
I’m trying to use the following Expand, and getting SQL errors: <? …
07:08 Ticket #18 (Build HTML wrappers) created by VexedPanda
It would be nice to have PHP-based OO wrappers for common HTML elements. …
07:08 Ticket #17 (Change QForm to QPage) created by kmeirlaen
In the case of QCodo, each page is in fact a big form. I would like to …
07:06 Ticket #16 (QRadioButtonList SelectedValue(s)) created by kmeirlaen
07:05 Ticket #15 (QDateTime label template Bug on MetaControls Generation) created by kmeirlaen
if you have a DateTime? Column in a table on your database (myDate column …
07:04 Ticket #14 (issues with leopard and firefox on a mac) created by kmeirlaen
I’m having a very frustrating time using qcodo with leopard and firefox on …
07:04 Ticket #13 (Ability to remove table name prefixes from generated class names) created by kmeirlaen
Moving an app into a different database environment sometimes requires …
07:03 Ticket #12 (Fully overridable DB structure) created by VexedPanda
in codegen_settings.xml is a good start, but it would be good to be able …
07:02 Ticket #11 (Improvements to the Oracle adapter) created by kmeirlaen
To be added, in Zcodo framework, the Oracle Adapter. The Oracle adapter …
07:01 Ticket #10 (Improve / replace DB abstraction layer) created by kmeirlaen
There are a few abilities other DB abstraction layers have that our DB …
07:00 Ticket #9 (Pear channel) created by kmeirlaen
It would be great to have a Zcodo’s pear channel so we can simply install …
06:58 Ticket #8 (Allow QControls to define js at the page level) created by kmeirlaen
For example, I’m looking for a way to add a window.print() call as part of …
06:57 Ticket #7 (Allow override of Form attributes) created by kmeirlaen
We should support users altering / adding form attributes. This includes …
06:57 Ticket #6 (PHP-Based Codegen templates) created by kmeirlaen
We need templates to be more user-friendly. The best way to accomplish …
06:56 Ticket #5 (Finish QQ) created by kmeirlaen
Before v1.0 we need to ensure QQ can handle 90% of the SQL use-cases out …
06:52 Ticket #4 (Integrate JS framework like jquery) created by kmeirlaen
There’s a lot of really nice UI stuff out there based in js, and …
06:51 Ticket #3 (Performance Analysis and improvement) created by kmeirlaen
Q/ZCodo is currently a bit of a beast when it comes to server resources. …
06:50 Ticket #2 (Update QType performance) created by kmeirlaen
PHP’s docs say: […] We should probably be honoring that in …
06:46 Ticket #1 (Make Roadmap) created by kmeirlaen
We need to decide on what must be done for each version number, and where …


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