QCubed Framework

QCubed is a PHP5 Model-View-Controller framework with some impressive Features. The goal of the framework is to save the time for developers around mundane, repeatable tasks - allowing them to concentrate on things that are useful AND fun.  This intro article has more on QCubed philosophy and basic concepts.

 Download QCubed and then look through the Tutorials and Documentation.


  • QCubed License is MIT License with added notes for external libraries that come with it.

Project Drivers and Community

Contributing to QCubed

Working Groups

Short Cuts

Developed With PhpStorm

QCubed was selected by Jetbrains as one of the open source projects to receive a license for  PhpStorm, an incredibly smart IDE for PHP applications. Since then most us, the core developers have been using the same to improve QCubed. Thanks to Jetbrains for supporting QCubed. This banner is here to show our support back towards PhpStorm (and Jetbrains) which helps us move the complex pieces of QCubed with ease so that the development continues.

Praise for PhpStorm